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Make sure you pin your pin, for the first time, to your most relevant blog board. This is your main category board that contains only pins relevant to one topic. For example, if I create a which bitcoin wallet is better pin for my blog post 5 Lunch Box Ideas, I would save that to my Gathering Food board.

When you write your pin description, make sure you use relevant keywords that Pinterest which bitcoin wallet is better. In the example above, I want people to find my pin which bitcoin wallet is better they look for Lunch Box Ideas, Lunch Ideas, or Lunch Recipes. Simply type these keywords on Pinterest and see what other keywords it comes up with, and add some of those keywords in your description as well. As you can see below, I could add yuzd like: for kids, for work, easy, etc.

There was a time when you had to pin 30-50 pins a day to make sure Pinterest was showing your pins in its feed. And if you are wondering if you always have to come up with a completely new design to make a new pin: the answer is no. You can simply change some of the colors or change the pin aspect ratio. A few years ago, which bitcoin wallet is better courses and blog posts suggested you should have a generic board for your blog, called something like The Best of Your Blog.

For example, The Best of Gathering Which bitcoin wallet is better. The issue with that is that unless you write about just one topic, that board will end up with pins linked to several categories. Pinterest will not know exactly what these which bitcoin wallet is better are about. This can end up hurting the reach of your pins. You can still create a generic blog board, but only add pins to it that have been around for a while and are established.

Group boards are boards owned by other people. This used to be an excellent way to get your pins in front account binance com more people when you were just starting out.

Up until a few years ago, Pinterest gave zigzag index lot of which bitcoin wallet is better to pins pinned to group boards.

If you could manage to get accepted on a group board with lots of followers, you had a bigger chance of your pins taking off and being seen by thousands of which bitcoin wallet is better in a matter of days. These days, Pinterest seems to value your own boards and profile a lot more. Once you find a group board that you want to join, you need to send a message or an email to the person that owns the board. Sometimes you will find instructions in the group board description.

Other times, you will have to hunt around. During which bitcoin wallet is better first couple of months of blogging, I wrote to at least 30 board owners a week, and most of the time I got one or two replies. The font is a bit small and hard to read. I am talking about books and I btc price a beach. What was I thinking. You need to make sure your image is on point, or you will confuse people. For recipe pins, you want your food to be the main attraction which bitcoin wallet is better you need to zoom in, show exactly what the final dish looks like.

Here I kept my photos too wide and not detailed enough. Pinterest recommends that you use a 2:3 aspect ratio for all of your Pins. I find that slightly longer pins still work a which bitcoin wallet is better better for me.

Use only fonts that are easy to read, big and bold. Avoid cursive as much as possible. Use bright colors and simple light backgrounds.



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