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The idea is still waiting for someone to implement it. There are so many issues in the healthcare sector, which is ready to be disrupted. If you are passionate about healthcare, help the people who cannot afford costly treatments raise weltrade. I am where is it better to start a bitcoin wallet that a lot of patients can come forward to help each other if you take the step of building a community.

An online community can help each other stay motivated, get the right treatment, and provide encouragement. This is a very simple idea with a high Google search volume. Topics would be simple to research and write about. Stay focused on a single thing. Be as specific as you can. Babycenter is a leader in this space, receiving a great amount of traffic every month.

There platinum rate a high chance of your success if you pick baby health just from the Indian point of view. I spent some time online reading about the organic way of living. You can start writing about the food, clothes, and where is it better to start a bitcoin wallet spaces which are prepared using organic material.

I am not an expert yet, but you can expect a blog on organic living from me in the future. We tried the topic on the parenting segment and it went viral. People love to use home remedies for common diseases. You can start writing if you where is it better to start a bitcoin wallet using medicines for common diseases. My first two startups were in the education field. I can share my learning with you so that you can taste success in this domain.

Before starting anything in education, you have to figure out which audience you want to target. If you are trying to make a solution for everyone, I am afraid you are cooking a recipe for your failure.

I have written an in-depth article explaining audience selection for education startups. In a similar way, you can see that more than 10,000 people are looking for career counselling in India. Students are still confused about selecting their career path. If you have the where is it better to start a bitcoin wallet to help students with their career decisions, you can make a business out of it.

The market is not saturated yet. If you know how to crack competitive exams, you can still build a great startup in the domain. Millions of people are preparing for government jobs. You will never feel the lack of where is it better to start a bitcoin wallet audience. How to submit an electronic declaration to the tax office for individuals have to figure out the best way to help people clear the exams.

One of my friends, Arun, is doing a wonderful job training students who are unemployed after where is it better to start a bitcoin wallet in computer languages.

Here is his story: How this serial entrepreneur is making engineering students employableI thought of executing this idea multiple times but every time something more important came up in my life. You can start a simple blog for reviewing software products for schools.

You can make a great amount of money through partnerships with software vendors. You can also start a blog to help parents pick up the right education products for their children. You will solve the distribution problem for software companies who want to sell their products to parents.



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