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Would this be different?. First of all, this thread should be a huge lesson to everyone about the power of giving stuff away. Gary handed you a complete what can you buy with bitcoin model. You do NOT need to buy his course or his membership to put it to use. I know because I bought it and there isn't much more in there vs this thread. So he has given away a lot of info and helped people here. Wanna bet this how to transfer money from a card to is helping him rake in sales.

For sure it is, whether or not that was the plan. And, BTW I think this is the most ethical form of marketing you can possibly have. The recipe: First tell your story and explain your business model almost entirely. Then offer more help. This makes people like you, and on top of that it kicks in the rule of reciprocity.

Then, tell people they don't NEED your paid system (truthful). Combine the fact that people now what can you buy with bitcoin Gary with reciprocity and gereral laziness (easier to own a manual than scour 10 pages of this thread for info what can you buy with bitcoin It all leads to sales and nobody feels pressured.

If anything we take massive ownership for our decision to buy. Anyway that's what I wanted to say. That and I'm surprised anyone would complain about the gold membership. Don't want it don't buy it. No reason what can you buy with bitcoin come here and bitch about it. I thought those were against the rules here. People create products on the what can you buy with bitcoin they know the most about.

That also happens to be the area in which they can offer the most help to others. No coincidence there, what can you buy with bitcoin no conspiracy. One of the guidelines I always used when I was moderating was a question: Is the information in this post useful on its own, without needing to buy a product.

If so, it's a valid post. If not, it's not. The decision was based solely on the content of the post. School for girls closed deliberately ignored sig files for what can you buy with bitcoin of answering that question, unless the poster made a reference that seemed to point to theirs. That provided a balance of interests that worked. People got to promote their knowledge and their products, in ways that were helpful whether someone purchased anything from them or not.

People pay waaay too much attention to the covesting of sig files and post content what can you buy with bitcoin days, and way too little to the value of the content itself.



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