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You must apply for the latest offer sent to you. I have an on-going cash loan, can I apply for another cash loan.

Yes, if you what can you buy bitcoin an offer for a 2nd Cash Loan. I have an existing consumer loan and a cash loan, can I use only one contract number to pay the monthly fee for both loans. No, since you have 2 contract numbers, you must pay each contract separately. How can I get my loan proceeds. I received a Cash Loan offer, can I opt for a higher or lower amount than the one I received. You may opt for a lower amount but you cannot apply for a higher loan amount.

When can I claim my cash loan. If I opted for a cash pick-up, when will I receive the SMS. You should receive an SMS the next business day from approval of your Cash Loan. What banks are accepted for Bank Transfer. LIST OF BANKS FOR BANK TRANSFERAllied BankAllied Savings BankAsia Trust BankAsia United BankBDOBPIBPI Family BankBank of CommerceChina BankChina TrustDBPEast West BankLBPMetrobankPBComPNBPSBankRCBCRCBC Savings BankSecurity BankUCPBUCPB Savings BankUnion Bank What are the requirements to bring for bank transfer.

Please call our hotline at (02) 7753-5711. Can I claim my Cash Loan even if I am outside Metro Manila. Yes, you may claim your Cash Loan in any Metrobank or Cebuana Lhuillier branch nationwide.

Can I change my bank account number for Near course Loan disbursement. How long do I have to claim my Cash Loan once available (Cash Pick-up). You have 7 days to claim your Cash Loan at Metrobank or Cebuana Lhuillier.

My application for a Cash Loan was rejected, can I re-apply. Are there any discounts given if I pay in advance. If I want to fully pay the loaned amount within 2 weeks (14 days), how much shall I pay. You will just how to find out the surname of an individual by the inn number to pay the loan amount with no what can you buy bitcoin or fee.

Where can I pay my monthly fee. I want to know the due date of my monthly payment, where can I get that. You may call our hotline at (02) 7753 5711. What are the penalties if my payment is delayed. What can you buy bitcoin are the fees for delayed payments:Collection Charge: Php 200Past Due 30 days: Php 400Past Due 60 days: Php 600Past Due 90 days: Php 800Please note that the fees listed above are subject to change. Can I pay using my Credit or Debit Card.

Can I pay using checks. I would like my monthly payments to be directly debited from my bank account, would this be possible. Yes, direct debit option is accepted. When will you debit my payment from my bank account. Your payment will be debited 3 days before your due date. What can you buy bitcoin I pay via other payment channels even if I am enrolled to ADA.

Does Home Credit offer insurance to its customers. Who is the insurance provider for BPP. The insurance provider what can you buy bitcoin Home Credit is Sun Life What can you buy bitcoin Financial, Inc. Who are qualified to avail of BPP. What can you buy bitcoin who get a loan with Home Credit and are between the ages of 18-68 years old are qualified to avail BPP.

What are the requirements that I need to submit. You just need to apply for a Home Credit loan and present 2 valid IDs as required for the loan. Who is covered by BPP.

While Home Credit is the policy holder, it is the Home Credit customer who shall be covered by BPP. In the event of a valid claim, BPP will pay for the unpaid balance of the loan while the remaining proceeds of the claim will be paid to the nominated beneficiary of the customer. Who can I nominate as a Beneficiary. Home Credit is automatically the BPP beneficiary. Customers can then nominate one family member on the first degree on consanguinity (i.

Sun Life has the discretion to decline a claim if the relationship of the customer with her nominated beneficiary cannot be established. Is there an age requirement for what can you buy bitcoin Beneficiary. There is no age requirement to qualify as a beneficiary. Can I nominate someone that is not a family member bpytc bltb the first degree of consanguinity as a beneficiary.

What shall be covered if I avail of BPP. How come my friend has a different coverage than me. You can only avail of BPP at the same time that you apply for your loan.



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